Employer Brand Storytelling

Character: a global insights and strategy business

The challenge:

This global business was coming out of their start-up phase and employing more and more people. They wanted to make sure that a strong and authentic story was at the heart of their brand. In particular, they wanted to make sure that their story as an employer matched the communication they were sharing with their clients.

The journey:

With a brand strategy, purpose, and core values in place, we began the work of connecting the dots and helping the business craft their employer story. This followed my preferred story method that includes a visioning and listening phase. Here we gathered the stories shared by employees and leadership in order to assess the story perception gap. Is the story leadership wants to tell matching the experience and stories of the employees? Knowing the difference between your employee culture and your desire as a leadership team is a crucial step that often gets overlooked.

As a result we were able to work with senior leaders and representative employees to shape a unifying story. This was a headline narrative that was easy for people to remember, get behind and use as a guiding principle. It was also complemented by a longer story that employees could refer to, to understand the founding and purpose of the business when speaking to clients and one another. We then linked this core story to their outward facing brand. We provided ways to ‘storify’ internal language (employee communications methods, meeting etiquette, etc), and connect both cultural and business activities (brand tone of voice, core values, employee value proposition, etc.) to the core story.

The resolution:

The business continues to grow from strength to strength, attracting top draw talent. The brand has been fully committed to the connecting story and it runs through their values and ways of conducting business. By placing a true and authentic story at the heart of their culture they are already seeing rapid expansion and attracting talent from bigger and more established companies in their sector.