Event Narrative

Character: a global communications marketing agency

The challenge:

This world leader in communications had been spending so much of its energy on its clients and their communication needs it sometimes forgot to look after the needs of its own people. We were asked to support a number of events in the UK, Europe and the USA. Starting with an event for 200 global leaders, held in Germany we needed to help bring the CEO’s strategy to life and create a connective narrative to run through a three day event.

The journey:

Starting with the CEO, Chief of Staff and COO, we helped them translate the core strategic message into a memorable story that would be easy to cascade to other members of the senior leadership team speaking at the event. We then worked with each of the speakers to ensure that their messaging connected to the core story. This was followed by 121 coaching for all speakers to bring the story to live on stage and in visuals/materials. As we got closer to the event we rehearsed all speakers and worked on content to sharpen and align the focus as necessary.

For the event itself, we worked with line producers and internal resources to oversee the creative content of the three-day event. we managed all talent and crew involved (host, guest speakers, leadership team, production team) over the course of the event, as well as during the preparation phase.

The resolution:

We went on to run a second global leadership event in New York and an global creativity conference in LA. Both events involved shaping the narrative and content, as well as working with external ‘A list’ talent and internal speakers.