Support for Speakers

Character: an international social enterprise

The challenge:

It’s not easy to condense an entire career or a decade’s worth of research into a twenty minute speaking event. But in the age of TED that’s the expectation we have for our public speakers. This global social enterprise wanted support for their speaker’s academy to ensure that their world class business women and Olympic/Paralympic athletes could share and adapt their story to meet the needs of a variety of audiences.

The journey:

We worked (and continue to work) with individual speakers to craft a story from their information. On a 121 basis, sometimes face-to-face and sometimes via video conferencing, we listen to the purpose of the speaking engagement, understand the audience needs, and then help the individual craft a story that fits with their goal and time limit. Using tried and tested storytelling structures that are designed to engage the listener and focus their story brains. The individual still gets to use their own voice, their own words, but we help them shape it into a clear and engaging message. If they want we also support with direction on connecting language and effective phrases to tie their story together.

This has included a wide variety of household names, from multiple gold medal winning Olympic and Paralympic athletes to CEOs of multinational organisations. We’ve also supported individuals just starting out on their careers who are speaking in front of large groups, hoping to persuade them to support the organisation.

The resolution:

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of seeing the successful results of our work first hand. We’ve watched speakers use the story we’ve worked on together and really connect to an audience. Audiences love the way the speakers share their stories, it’s powerful, moving and, most importantly, memorable.