Growing your skills for connection in a digital world.

In an increasingly digital world your story and communication skills matter more than ever.

We help you develop your content creation skills, your ability to communicate your message, and your connection to your audience - virtually and face-to-face.

Hi there, we’re Grow the People.

We're specialists in contemporary communication. We build and deliver programmes so you can share your ideas for the way modern business works.

Our focus is on keeping the human touch at the heart of the virtual medium. Helping you deliver clear content, while still leaving room for the odd bit of magic.

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Our story method.

Over the years we’ve developed a great way of working with people. We want to support you the right way.

In order to make sure you get the best value from our relationship, and to make sure we know what you’re expecting from us, we use a simple story-led method of working.

  • The beginning

    At the start of the story, the central character is often set a challenge – we start by exploring the world of your story and identify what needs solving.

  • The middle

    The character is thrown into a time of struggle and challenge to achieve their desires – we work with you to establish the right level of challenge and identify potential struggles.

  • The end

    The character achieves what she was looking for while learning new things she never knew she needed – we work towards clear outcomes that you can measure in the behaviour of your people or customers.

Resources more than courses!

Our approach to developing skills and behaviours

We like to make sure we're providing value. People are likely to need a combination of methods to help new skills and behaviours to stick.

We provide our content in a number of ways:

  • Ready-to-learn, always on community-based content that people can dip in and out of as needed
  • Just in time, 'live' workshops that provide context for online content and materials
  • Deep dive programmes that help learners develop and grow over time

Collaborative options

We'll work with you to create the best option. While we have content ready to go for you to start your team's development, sometimes you want a little more. We can build specific content to meet the needs of your team within our area of specialisms - connection, communication and creativity.

Modular and made to measure

We build out your needs from a core set of content. We then offer additional services to complement that core offer. These include: 1-to-1 development for individuals, the option to own our digital materials for future reference via annual licensing, and consulting services on how to implement the materials.


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