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Communicating can feel complicated. Even more so in our increasingly digital world.

Public speaking and presentation training is great. It can even be brilliant! But we believe a lot of it focuses on the special occasion rather than the everyday need. We don't all need to deliver a TED talk or speak to 500 people in a large hall.

But most people do need to deliver daily messages to small groups of clients, customers and colleagues. Either in person, over phone or teleconference, and increasingly via media like Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Shape Your Digital Story

Learn how to find, craft and share the story of who you are and what you offer the world (online!)


Times have changed, right? We're all having to adapt who we are and what we offer the world. This programme is all about finding that one great thing that you can provide for others and exploring how you shape and share it so people pay attention.

For five weeks we'll meet and explore the programme subjects and provide ongoing support and feedback as you dive into your story and shape it for the digital world.



Virtually Human

Building human connections in a digital world.

The world has changed. We’re forced to be apart. Forced to rely on technology. Forced to be ‘socially distant’. But just because we’re physically separated doesn’t mean we have to lose our human connections.

We’re all being asked to radically adapt the way we connect with clients and with each other. Communicating through voice or video can still bring us together. When you do it right, the digital medium can still highlight your humanity and bring your clients close to your ideas, products and services.

Our community and programmes explore skills for new ways of working. From virtual sales capabilities to connecting colleagues and strengthening online organisational communications. All in the digital space and all for changing and challenging times.

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