Story Development for Teams

Stories and storytelling are essential tools for teams and people development.

You probably already know that stories can help with communication, presentations and pitching. But stories can do so much more. Understanding the way stories work can improve wellbeing, team connection and greater action around diversity and inclusion.

We work with teams to help people harness the power of stories to improve their understanding of themselves and others.

Story Coaching

Programmes and workshops: sign up for one of our creative, facilitated, online programmes or workshops. We cover on a number of key story areas.

Our current programmes include:

Share Your Story - a practical five week programme (2 hours a week) to take you from exceptional idea to compelling keynote, ready to deliver on any client or team meeting.

Once Upon a Mind - a half-day workshop (3 hours) that focuses on the role story plays in your personal biases and thinking. It explored how to recognise the narratives around you to make better decisions and team connections.


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